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July 19, 2010

Lindsey Coral Harper

Where have you been all my life?

Oh right, interning for Ralph Lauren in London and SCAD in Lacoste France, only to return to NYC for the likes of Keith Langham and Dorothy Draper, Inc. oh and to start your own business.

Could her life or her rooms be any cooler?

I think not.

I adore the coral and teal color pallette

I've been dying to paint my dining room chairs either white or teal.
This is not helping.

Such a pretty bedroom. I wish I could peek out onto that Palm Beach balcony and check out the view. I'm sure its as outstanding as the interior.

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend and a bearable Monday.

I'm in the midst of cleanapoolza 2010. I spent all weekend cleaning and organizing and rearranging furniture. Its not nesting, my house was just dirty and needed some help. I also did a lot of decluttering and moving things from "looks great there" to "we'll use it more here". Function over design. Uggh. My sweet little sitting room in the kitchen is gone but we now have a couch and comfy chair in our den where we actually sit and hang out. The color scheme is all wrong of course. The den is Matthew's domain with light blue and khaki colors, not to mention a duck flying proudly on the wall. Isabella (my pink couch) and her pal (the pink & green club chair) look a little out of place in there. They were pretty discouraged when they overheard me mention something about keeping them in that room and having slip covers made to match. But new furniture for that room just isn't in the budget and we're tired of fighting to see who gets to sit in the lone chair while we watch tv. I guess since I'm pregnant I always won this battle and didn't see the predicament as quite so severe. I know it will be nice to have the couch and comfy chair to relax in after as I recooperate.


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