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July 21, 2010

Mary McDonald Part II

Commercial Projects
This first picture is my favorite! I'm in love with the grey walls and glossy white furniture and floors. And the light turquoise with a pop of citrus yellow is to die for.
I'm keeping that on file for my future bedroom makeover!
I want this to be the view from my back deck.
Chocolate brown and pink is always cozy!

Clearly a hotel room, no one's bedroom is this clutter free.
If this were my bedroom their would be a pile of clothes piled on that pretty chair.
I think her commercial spaces might be even more swoon-worthy than her residential design.
Have y'all found any inspiration for your own home at boutiques or hotels and restaurants?
Also, its t-minus one week exactly from D-Day when I get to meet that BabyGirl I've been making.


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