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July 28, 2010


So what is it they say about making plans?
Yeah, that's about right!
So we had this nice little c-section planned for this morning (you're super impressed that I'm updating right now aren't' you?) so I wrote some posts this past weekend and set them to post automatically this week so that I could keep y'all entertained.
turns out they were crap.
But they were already set to post and I was in no shape to find a computer to stop them.
Yup, that's right, there was no leisurely packing, no baking cookies for the nurses (or my husband), no hand holding drive to the hospital talking about our last moments as a couple.
You see, BabyGirl decided that even though she was breech and we'd scheduled a c-section her momma still deserved an unplanned surprise attack of labor just like all the others moms.
Yes, that's right, apparently the full moon on Monday caused me to go into labor while my husband was about an hour or so away from home. Perfect.
My friend Jen drove me to the hospital and within an hour and half BabyGirl made her debut Monday night at 10:18 pm in an impromptu c-section. All is well and I'm doing great and she's absolutely gorgeous.
Of course, since this wasn't how we'd planned it and our bags weren't exactly packed and waiting by the door, there are some things we left at home. Including the usb cord to my computer. Matthew posted a few early pics on facebook and we'll be taking a bazillion more soon to post on here! We all had a very exhausting day yesterday but feeling really great today!
I'm sorry that you guys all got some false posts but I appreciate the well wishes!


  1. That's hilarious, girl! Glad everything went well, and glad BabyGirl is healthy!

  2. Oh Murphy and his crazy law! Welcome sweet BabyGirl is here safe and sound and you two are doing well! Sending smiles and happy new baby hugs!! xoxoxox

  3. Congratulations!! Glad all went well.

  4. A big big BIG congratulations! I cant wait to see that darling little love of yours!


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