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July 15, 2010

Pink & Green Love

Have you seen this tag before?

It was started by Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, aka Miss Trish

You might recognize her fab scarf and oversized sunglasses
She recently became a follower so I thought the least I could do was play along with her fun little Pink & Green party.

Not sure how it works, I don't do tags or linkbacks or whatever, but I definitely do Pink & Green, so here goes...

Hope this house brightens your day!
Or at least your computer screen

images via House Beautiful

This house totally makes me want to paint all the furniture and walls in my house white and go decorate everything in bright green with pink accents.

I'm pretty sure Matthew would love that.

Actually, he'd probably say I'm well on my way to achieving it.

I know I've mentioned before that I'm not thrilled with my front hall and I think I just realized that painting it white is the cure! We now have less than two weeks before BabyGirl gets here so maybe I can convince him to paint it before her arrival. I know he's going to make me wait until we can add paneling which will be awhile. Like a long while. Or he might just suggest that I paint it myself. Which will be an even longer while.

A big thanks

to La Dolce Vita for giving me this sweet award!

Thanks girl, you're a Sugar Doll yourself!


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  1. Love these pictures! It's like a grown up doll house.


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