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July 14, 2010

Tobi Fairley

Thanks Sweet Southern Prep for giving me this fantastic Award!!!Where will I be in ten years?
I'll be 38
*I hope to be fulfilled in my marriage and still as in love and in like as I am today*
*Have plenty of time and energy to actually enjoy my children (I hope to have a sibling for BabyGirl one day)*
*Time and money to paint and continue my photography (and a better camera with a suitcase full of badass lenses)*
*Still living in Pawleys Island (hopefully with a bigger boat) with a pool in my backyard*
*Passionate about interior design and hopefully making some money doing it for others and not just spending money doing it for myself*
*Feeling as unstressed and excited about hitting my forties as I am about my thirties*
*Dedicated to working out my mind and body daily with pilates and reading*
That sounds like enough for one award
Thanks again Ashley,
I'll be sure to tag some of y'all tomorrow. I think it's 10 peeps so be on the lookout for your name!
And now onto my regular post
Don't you just love this living room? It belongs to designer Tobi Fairley.
It makes me want to scour Craigslist for a pair of wingback chairs discarded from some granny's sitting room and recover them in a bold and fresh pattern.

Do you already follow her?

If not, then you should. She was selected as one of the top 20 designers in 2009 and her rooms grace the pages of many glossies, including Traditional Homes and House Beautiful, as well as countless online design folders.

Recently on her blog she discussed the powerful impact paint color can have on a room.

And she wasn't just talking walls.

Take a look at these projects below and you'll be convinced




This last picture illustrates her design process

And here is another example of trash to design treasure.



INSPIRATION BOARDI love that she shows both a masculine and a feminine room

Have y'all done any projects where a simple can of paint totally transformed a space?


Do y'all remember the little giveaway I posted about here?

Well I won!!!

Thanks Kitchen Belleicious and Devon Baer!!!

You ladies rock and I can't wait to sport my new midnight necklace.


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  1. Hey you! Can you send me your contact info, mailing address, etc. to Devon is going to send you the necklace once i sent her your info! THANKS SWEETIE!


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