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September 28, 2010

Offended by Toms

I realize I've been out on maternity leave from the fashion loop but can someone please explain this to me.
I'm confused.


  1. They're supposed to be very comfortable (but they are ugly as sin).
    The company is crazy philanthropic, they donate a pair of shoes to a kid in a 3rd world contry for every pair sold.
    Perhaps you could write Trumpette to ask them to send a pair of mary jane socks to a poor kid for every package sold?

  2. Yea... these aren't so attractive, but their charitable endeavors totally make me want to support them. They came out with some cute wedges at the beginning of summer... maybe they still offer them!?

  3. Yeah, definitely a NO GO for me. :)

  4. Alright I'll give them one point for thier charitable good works but they lose two point for thier utter lack of fashion sense which still leaves them negative in my book.


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