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September 30, 2010

See ya Summer

I know summer is officially over but I couldn't resist just one more final farewell.  
I'm ready for fall and all its fun clothes and traditions and holidays.  This year will be especially fun with both SweetBoy and BabyGirl here with us.  I can't wait to sit in a rocking chair on our porch cozied up with a blanket sipping apple cider-my favorite!  Now that the season is here, I just need the cool weather to cooperate.  
What about y'all?  Are you sad that summer is donzo or are you super excited to welcome in the cool fall weather?


  1. It's bittersweet! I hate to put my sundresses and sandals up but I'm ready for turtlenecks and scarves!

  2. Well I always hate to put away my white jeans and jack rogers, but I must say that I am excited to bring out my boots and fall coats. The cooler weather is finally here this weekend and I am actually enjoying it!


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