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October 4, 2010

Blue door

Okay, I'm seriously obsessed with this front door.  Matthew helped paint my parents house a lovely shade of bluish grey while we were in Richmond back in September.  It looks smashing!  Ever since then I can't get my own house color out of my mind.  Its horrible.  A faded forest green stain.  Yuck.  I can't wait for the day when we can have it painted.  Right now I'm loving the idea of a pale grey like in this picture.  Lots of shiny silver, white trim and a muted robins egg blue door will complete the look.  I think I'll go ahead and order this exact thresh hold!

I'm also loving this bathroom as well.  Perhaps a good inspiration for my master bath.

My fabulous little brother turned 27 today and he's off on holiday in Europe celebrating.  
Lucky boy.



  1. Hey girl, so good to see you on Saturday! I'm going to follow you so you'll have my address. Happy Monday!

  2. Hey! Thanks for following, I'm enjoying reading your blog as well. Especially since it stars one of my favorite little girls, AK!!!


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