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October 19, 2010

Coats-Posh for Tots

When I think of Old Navy jackets for kids this is what comes to mind.

 A purple fleece proudly sporting the Old Navy logo.  
And some sparkly hearts.  
While it may keep your child warm on the playground, it certainly does nothing to further their sense of style or have them mistaken for Suri Cruise by the carpool paparazzi.

So imagine my complete and utter shock at the fabulously posh options Old Navy has to keep our wee ones free from winter chills and fashion police citations this season.

I die.  
BabyGirl MUST own this in either the black or the pink.
Or both.
No really.
I made a promise to myself to only dress BabyGirl in "sweet baby clothes" for the first year.  Nothing trendy or adult inspired until she's walking.
I'm eating my words.
Which is probably good because otherwise the online shopping cart would be eating my bank account as we speak.

The only problem with this peacoat is deciding on which color to buy

These coats would all look so posh with a little pair of skinny jeans and some ballet flats.
Seriously, I swoon.



  1. So cute! Must visit Old Navy pronto! I just bought my little one (2 yo) skinny jeans and ballet flats...I died when she put it on!

  2. What great coats! I absolutely love the first coat that comes in black and chic! It's perfect for my nieces...I'm going to check it out now!

  3. We got the pink one for BabyGirl for next winter!


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