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October 21, 2010

Posh Coats for Grown-ups

I think the people at Old Navy have been drinking some of the J.Crew CoolAid and we're all benefiting from the results.

Doesn't this just make you wish you lived somewhere really really really cold?

Seriously, this outfit is $60.00
I have to be admit, while I'm all about scoring one of these ridiculously low-priced J.Crew knock-off coats, I just can't bring myself to buy their generic jeans.  Even at $30.00
I know loads of people do it every day and no one knows or cares.
But I do. 
And my husband does.
My favorite jeans are Citizens of Humanity, Sevens and Rock and Republic.  
What are your favorites?  
I feel like this is the one area where I just can't budge to save a dollar.
Do you have any particular items that you splurge on?


  1. Those are Old Navy? Wow! They've come a long way. I feel the same way about jeans, shoes, and handbags. I am willing to shell out the money for things that will last at least a few years, if not longer.

  2. I don't blame you, I can't but their jeans either. Paige Premium Denim is my fave. We call them the "booty-tastic" jeans because they make everyone's booty look fantastic!

  3. Totally agreed! SO cute, I think I just might have to run out and pick up one of those coats with the fur hood!

  4. Thanks for posting this - as soon as I read it, I ran out and bought the gray coat with the ruffle collar. It is so cute!!! Love your blog!

    --DC Prep


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