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November 23, 2010

DIY Christmas Card Holder

Hey Friends!  
Remember yesterday when I mentioned that Amanda offered to guest blog twice?  
Well I didn't want y'all to have to wait too long for her second fun idea.
This girl is a crafting queen!

I saw something similar to this while in NY so when I cam across the old crib springs I knew they would be perfect for this project. The items you will need is an old crib (save the other parts for our next DIY wink, wink) springs, some craft wire, wire cutters, garland and whatever Christmas decor you like.

Start by attaching the garland to the top of the springs, about every 6 inches with crafting wire.

After you have it attached, add in some berries or other holiday picks you would like.

I wanted this one to go well with my white table display from our Fall Table scape post, after I incorporated more of a Christmas theme. So I added white feathers trim and a beautiful white peacock.

It still needed more shimmer for me so I hung beaded chandeliers off the garland at different heights.

  After I had it just the way I wanted it to look I hung clothes pins to hold all the adorable holiday cards that will soon be coming in the mail! I love getting the mail during this time, seeing all my cute Friends and Families pictures and notes. You can display this anywhere in your home by just standing it up against a wall. Everyone will want it!

So now I just need those Holiday Cards...come on people mail them already :)

Here is the pics for a more traditional one. Both of these will be in the store for sale but we only have two so don't wait.

Be creative with this project, it was so much fun! Happy Holidays!



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  1. This is a super cute idea. "The items you will need is an old crib" Yikes!


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