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Fall Tablescapes

November 22, 2010

So I have a fun surprise for y'all, Amanda from RecycledDesignAndConsigned emailed me about guest blogging and sent a few fun ideas she wanted to talk about.  Since I couldn't decide which post was best she offered to do both!  
Loves it! 

 Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to show some ideas for table scape and the proper place settings.
1: Layer, start with a great place mat and build from there. Dishes don't have to match they just need to go together!
2: Use different textures ie: stone and metal, Crystal and glass.
3: Use things that are unexpected and not the usual... like the cowhides they add a softness and a rustic feel.
4: Mix in different chairs
5: Try to make your holiday table scape be useful for the whole season...with a few switches this modern table can go from fall to Christmas by just adding more sparkle and punches of red! This saves tons of time and money!
Bold pieces like a white owl planter become a striking center piece and feathered place mats and cowhide   throws on benches lend the earthy rustic contrast to a set of beautiful china.
A more traditional table scape includes pears and pumpkin in rich golds, oranges and rusts that glimmer and glow. Bright plates with playful napkins add whimsy.
These ideas both incorporated decor from around the house, saving you time and making it more personal.
 Now to the technical part...how many times have you gotten to the place settings and thought does the knife point out? Glass on the right or left? These simple images will insure a perfect set up!
The more casual setting:

The more formal setting:
Good luck with you dinner and I hope everything turns out perfect, your floors stay clean and everyone minds their manners :) but in the event that it doesn't be grateful for the people you are with and the moments we have. Nobody ever says "Thank you Lord, for my clean floors" it's our family and friends we are most grateful for.

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  1. Oh my goodness I am so happy I found your blog! I LOVE!!!!

    I am following!


  2. If there is one thing Amanda can do, it's set a dang good table. Seriously, stunning! Great post.


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