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November 1, 2010

hallway redesign

"Coming through your front door should be like running into your ex-boyfriend. And he's fat."
-Jonathan Adler

My entryway, like everything in my house, is a work in progress.
Rather than waiting until every room is complete to start posting them (read:  you might be waiting FOREVER) I decided I'm going to start showing them in transition.  Because honestly, that's how most of us have to design in the real world.




 We ripped the entire 1970's tunnel stairway out and rebuilt it, including new stairs.
Most of my designs involve using what I already have and learning from my mistakes.
I'm pretty good at pulling things together that work but they don't always look like "me".
Here are a few more DURING and AFTER shots
The grey and glass is much more my style than the green and wicker ever was.
The table is the same but the knobs went from dulled nickel to sparkling silver

 I'm still working on a table scape for this entry table that is both beautiful and functional.  No matter what platters or boxes I've put on there my husbands visors and keys manage to sit somewhere else.  I do love how the glass apothecary jar in the middle can serve as a seasonal piece by rotating the objects inside.  The pumpkin is perfect for fall of course.

For more fun on entryways go here.



  1. My living room, dining room & office are all shades of grey! I love it.
    Danny's pocket stuff always ends up on the kitchen counter--which drives me crazy! Why can't he put it on his dresser in the bedroom?!

  2. Matthew starts a trail that leads from the front door to the kitchen counter. I swear the man needs a murse. Thats why I don't clutter-sunglasses, wallet, keys etc. all stay in my handbag.

  3. that quote is hilarious! I love it. My entry way actually is one of my fav parts of the house. It has a high ceiling with my favorite piece of furniture and huge mirror. I got them at a store called El Paso Imports! Love the post girl!

  4. WOW! Looks great! Nice and welcoming. Yes, John's things NEVER end up where they are supposed to. Even after very clearly telling him where they should go...sigh.


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