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November 8, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

Fall has finally hit Pawleys Island and I couldn't be more thrilled!
I know this is supposed to be a summer town but when the heat breaks and the long sleeves come out of boxes I get so happy!  
It reminds me of home and the holidays and nothing beats sitting outside bundled in fleece sipping on morning coffee. 
What's your favorite part about Fall?

Have y'all noticed all of the Facebook status updates lately about being thankful?  It's so refreshing to see people realizing the good in their lives and not getting bogged down by the bad.  I feel like every time I talk about something personal on here it's negative.  
I'm sorry for that.  
I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon but I want to list 30 reasons I have to give thanks.  
I urge you to join me, publicly or privately.
I'm going to make up for last week today and then go back to just one day.

Today I am thankful for...

1.  My belief in God.  That belief gives me strength and hope, neither of which I could live without.
2.  My husband and I share the same sense of humor.  This makes even the mundane entertaining
3.  God allowing me to be BabyGirl's momma.  I am so thankful that he chose her for me.
4.  Non-fat no whip grande caramel lattes and non-fat grande white mocha with 1 whip.  God bless you Starbucks
5.  The internet
6.  Wells being breech at 36 weeks so that I could have a c-section which ultimately led to her immediate diagnosis and treatment of craniosynostosis
7.  My girlfriends.  Especially our serious conversations about eyeliner and karaoke in the car
8.  A husband that can cook really well and does often without complaint


  1. Number 7 makes me laugh. I laugh every time I think of your Tinkerbell eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything you have said for the past couple of minutes because I have been distracted by the pixie dust under your eyes."

    I also wish I had a recording of the bathroom conversation between you and Jen about smokey eyes and blush....serious business folks:)


  2. Greetings from Virginia! Julia, what a beautiful post! I believe the secret to being happy is:

    1. Having an Attitude of Gratitude

    2. Not in getting what we want, but in wanting what
    we have

    Have a wonderful, blessed week with your beautiful BabyGirl!

  3. Em-we were solving the worlds problems one smoky eye at a time! As for my glitteratti, Bobbi should have warned me her display case eye shadow contained inappropriate amounts of sparkle!!!

    Belle-well said!


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