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November 18, 2010

Humira & The Lucky One

I stumbled upon a new blog yesterday, Aspiring Kennedy via Keely from Luxe and Lillies, and saw this video.
I thought y'all might like it.
It's message is especially important as we come upon both Thanksgiving and Christmas and we try to remember what's truly important.
He's up for a spot at Sundance.
What do y'all think?

Also, we got the results from my husband's blood-work back on Monday and found out some really great news.
He doesn't have anything at this point besides acute uveitis.
The bad news...
He tested positive for the HLA B27 gene which makes him significantly more susceptible to an autoimmune disease but at this point they don't detect one..
His Rhuematologist determined that it's only a matter of time before one surfaces and thinks it's imperative that he start on Humira injections as a preventative measure.
Let's go ahead and talk about the well known side affects of this drug...including serious chance of aquiring life-threatening infections and lymphoma.
Basically it gives you an immune system comparable to an AIDS patient.
Really, isn't that what we were supposed to be avoiding to begin with?
He has a very serious decision to make and would LOVE to hear from any of you with any personal experience with the drug.
Just leave a comment or feel free to email me if you'd rather it be private.
Thanks y'all!

Today I'm thankful for...
18.  Figuring out how to post videos to my blog without having to ask anyone or google a tutorial


  1. A couple of things. Loved the video, and congrats on getting it posted all on your own. Sometimes it's those little triumphs...

    And I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. I wish I knew more about that condition and drug. Will be thinking of you all while you make your decisions...

  2. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and really enjoy reading it, you have a precious family. I know nothing about Humira but I do know doctor's are all about preventative measures. My husband was diagnosed with Melanoma 2 years ago and it was a pretty deep one his chest. He had evasive surgery and removed lymph nodes from under his arm to be sure it had not spread which it had not. The oncologist recommended a year long chemo regiment as a preventative and the side affects were horrible. It was such a hard decision to make. We fortunately are friends with our dermatologist who I think is brilliant and he actually removed the initial mole. We asked his opinion and he said if there was nothing else there why fix it. Basically common sense. So I know we're not talking about the same ordeal but in sense it is. Hope this sheds some light on your decision making. By the way, my blog is Your baby girl is beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh....I hate to hear news like that. I hope that you guys can get some good advice before you make the decision. I found your blog through Emily Clark...The Pawleys Island part made me come here! We vacationed as a family there for 20 years. I have such great memories.
    Again, I am so sorry for that news.


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