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November 17, 2010

Caitlin Wilson

So y'all know I have a pretty serious blog crush on designer Caitlin Wilson so it's no wonder I'm on here talking about her and her fabulous work.
I saved these files to my laptop a few weeks BB (before BabyGirl) and forgot about them.  I almost never use my laptop anymore so it's no wonder these beauties went unnoticed.  Aside from the punchy teal and orange color scheme, I think I'm most jealous of the sitting room attached to the kitchen.  When we first bought our house I created a sitting room located right in my kitchen.  It was brilliant.  It was fantastic.  It was comfortable.  But then Matthew finished renovating our den and it was such a beautiful cozy room.  And it had no furniture. We have no money to buy a new couch and chair so alas, Isabella and her mini-me (my pink and green couch and club chair aptly named during my unmarried days) migrated to the den.  
We actually have a table and chairs in our kitchen now.  
So practical.  
Blah Blah Blah.
  To no surprise of anyone who knows me, this was the first evolution of the kitchen sitting room  
It changed about four more times before retiring.   I'm so sorry for the terrible quality.  I hate that we changed this room each time on a whim I never thought to take more pictures.

Today I'm thankful for...
17.  My sweet baby's smile and laugh.  Infectious.

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