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December 22, 2010

And away we go!

BabyGirl is getting really excited for her car trip to Richmond
{she has almost white blond hair these days and I can't figure out how to fix this dark hair in the picture}

Did I tell you that in lieu of our annual Christmas Party and Christmas cards we are making a donation to MUSC Children's Hospital?
We weren't the only ones in our inner circle whose lives were forever changed while at MUSC this year.
It just felt right for us.
Honestly, after we made this decision I was a teensy bit regretful that we aren't sending out something fabulous debuting our sweet BabyGirl's face to all our family and friends.
Especially when all of your tiny prints and custom cards started collecting on our fridge.
And all y'all Pawleys Island readers should remember from last year that we can host quite the soiree.
I was pregnant and no one knew.
I was also the only sober person there and still thought our friends were funny
They were faux bowling in our hallway.
But I digress...
Maybe next year.
The giving feels good
97% of the time 

And in other news
Over the river and through the woods

To my parents house we go!

Car is piled high and filled to the brims
Breathing room only
And we're on our way!

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything
But is this not the cutest and most cozy thing you've ever seen?
For real.
I'm hoping someone I know (not me, godbless) gets one of these under their tree!

And this last really special number is for my dear friend A.
She needs it and I thought some of y'all might too!


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  1. Baby Girl is beautiful! And it is no nice to donate this time of year. I delivered my little one at MUSC so they have a special place in my heart! Happy Holidays!


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