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December 12, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I sent in my email to be included in Shutterfly's Christmas Card promotion for bloggers back in the middle of November and am just now getting around to completing my end of the bargain.  Not surprising right?  Has anyone else waited until the absolute last final hour to get their holiday cards signed sealed and delivered.  I can honestly say it wasn't for lack of interest on my part.  We have about 1000 adorable pictures of BabyGirl to use this year and the selection of options at Shutterfly is nearly as lengthy.
Shutterfly has a more than just Christmas cards.  They also have gift tags and address labels.  And in case you still have a few names on your list, you can add some photo gifts off at Shutterfly as well.
Here are some of my favorite photo Christmas cards

In exchange for this post, Shutterfly is offering me 50 free holiday cards!
What a perfect gift for us this year to be able to spread holiday cheer to all our friends and family as well as show off our newest and sweetest addition, BabyGirl, in a stylish way!
I'm going to wait until we've sent them out to reveal which one of these cards we've chosen for 2010!
In the past, I've only sent out pre-printed holiday cards and am truly so excited to be able to send out a personalized photo card this year!

I urge y'all to go check these out and let me know where else you've found outstanding Christmas cards in the past!
Are you a big Happy Holidays person or do you like to go for the more traditional and religious, Merry Christmas type?



  1. The Initially Chic Green Christmas Card has my name written all over it! :)

  2. I got mine from Tiny Prints. I feel like they are so professionally done and they turned out great. everyone loves them and the quality of the paper is one you would get from a professional photog. I did order the more expensive cards but I love all of them really! Hope this helps!

  3. I used Tiny Prints too, LOVE them!!

  4. yeah! i got my holiday cards from this shutterfly deal too!
    PS. may i suggest trying to enter a free shipping code before your custom code for your 50 free cards... i have heard has worked for some people. :)


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