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December 21, 2010

Sparkles, Glitter and all things shiny

Want to know something lame?
I'm just now thinking about what I'm going to wear on Christmas Eve and I haven't got a single idea.
This confession from a former fashionista
I'm pretty over everything I own that fits.
I might need to call Stacy & Clinton to stage an intervention soon.
Bah Humbug.

I sure wish this would magically appear in my closet.
 I might be a little happier about throwing on one of my go-to LBD's if I had these bad boys to slip on
for Christmas Eve

And for Christmas Day

Imagine how fabulous these would be with a paired with skinny jeans and a cream cashmere sweater

Just a quick reminder to keep it real this week.
Give the gift of love and kindness
I feel like I'm giving a PSA
It's all any of us really want.
Don't just save it for those you love; be nice to the old lady from {fill in the blank with your least favorite region of the country} who's holding up the line at the post office arguing about the cost of shipping.  She might be having a really bad day, or life.
Based on her attitude, I'd go with life.

Okay, sorry to keep this short and sweet but I've got about seven infant-sized Christmas outfits to wash and iron and pack along with everything else BabyGirl owns.
You leave town for a day with a baby, you might as well be moving out. 



  1. Oh i would love all of those items too! Good luck packing up and getting out the door :)

  2. Great reminder to be kind to everyone we meet!
    Ok, I have to know, where is the dress from? I love it!!!


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