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May 28, 2010

Be Brave

If you like this you can win an 11x14 print here. Just follow the rules, you know the drill!
If this particular print isn't for you, that's okay. The winner gets to pick anything from the Etsy shop here.

May 27, 2010

Reading Nook

My new favorite reading nook is my new glider in the corner of BabyGirl's nursery. I need to find a better spot because I know thats not going to work after she's born. As you can see below, all you really need is a corner, a cozy chair, a blanket, and a lamp.
Oh and a good book, of course.

I'm really good at reading. It's on my official list of skills (created by my husband). There's nothing better than finding a cozy little spot to snuggle up with a good book. Right now I'm reading The Shack. I've gotten mixed reviews from other friends who've read it. I'm pretty open minded, especially when it comes to God, so I'm pretty curious about what I've heard. I literally just started it yesterday so I'll let you know what I think when I finish.
What are y'all reading right now?


May 26, 2010


What is it a about company coming that makes me want to redecorate?
My house being clean isn't enough, I need it to look fabulous as well.
I know I've talked about phenomenon before and usually its a wonderful motivator to finish up projects and accomplish my design and organizational ideas. But what happens when you have visitors every weekend? It's just not practical to think that every time you wash your guest bedroom sheets you also need to rearrange the whole room. But I do.
And please don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE hosting. Seriously, I was totally meant to be a celebutante who does nothing but entertain every night. If I had unlimited funds (and a helpful little staff to help wash the dishes afterwards) I would host a fete every night. And probably brunch on Sundays. I do love putting on a good brunch!
I think one of the most fun things about living in a "destination town" is how many friends and family come to stay with us. I just need to find a way to be satisfied with the state of my house especially during our busy season when we have guests almost every weekend. I know that will only come with time.
My newest obsession is my front hall. I'm not in love with the wall color (even though I chose it). It's just too dark. It technically gets some natural light through the two skinny windows flanking the front door but the big tree and front porch pretty much rule out and actual sunlight seeping through. I really want to paint our console table and big bronzey-colored mirror white. I'm just afraid I'll regret it at some point and it's not made from a good quality wood that can later be sanded and stained back to natural. I've thought about making a table skirt in a bright and fun pattern to lighten things up and create some hidden storage underneath (perfect for hiding shoes and purses and other things that pile up in the front hall.
Here are some fun pictures to keep me motivated!


May 24, 2010

Nursery Design

In progress

My mom made the crib skirt with the ability to pull it from the top as we lower the crib. It was really important that it touch the floor, even with the highest mattress setting, so that we could utilize all that nice storage space underneath.

She also upholstered the window valances that Matthew built.

In transition...
If you check out some details in the pictures below, you can see I already altered a few things. I added the yellow lamps to the dresser top and moved the green lamp to create a more useful vignette over by the chair. I'm big on practicality and the pink box under the chair will store all of my nighttime feeding essentials plus some books and pacis and having a light was a must. I also removed the big box of pampers since those will be stored in the dresser and not out on display!

Things left to do:
1. Paint the dresser (it currently has several coats of primer but no top coat)
2. Add drawer pulls
3. Hang window panels (my mom finished 3 out 4, not bad for a weekend's work)
4. Decorate the white walls! I'm not sure exactly how or with what so any suggestions are welcome.
5. Add artwork to the black frames above the dresser. I found some really awesome prints on Etsy. They involve BabyGirl's birth date so that will have to wait til she's born.

I hope this post gets me off the hook for being an absentee blogger the last two weeks!


May 21, 2010

Closet Organization

Hall closets, linen closets, clothes closets, oh my!
There are a lot of places where we keep things in our homes. Why not make these spaces look as fabulous as possible. With a few ordinary things like paint, matching hangers, baskets and pretty labels we can make every closet in our home stand out. In this recession we can't afford to just go out and buy something new every time we feel like it. I think most of us like the shopping experience as much as we do the actual items and certainly more than parting with our hard earned dollars. Part of what makes those new shoes so alluring is the way they are propped up on a display shelf and given individual attention like they're too good to be tossed amongst average shoes. They deserve to be noticed and so do you. So why not create this same affect in your own home. A seven hundred square foot boutique may be costly to decorate but certainly not your seven square foot walk-in.

I can't wait, I must seriously be nesting, to go organize all my closets this weekend. BabyGirl's closet it fully organized, as shown here. Matthew's just needs to be spruced up and changed over from winter to summer. I re-organized mine a few weeks ago and transitioned it to summer/maternity. Basically what fits and doesn't make me sweaty or uncomfortable got the prime real estate.
I have such big aspirations to paint the shelving, wall paper the walls and add a pretty chandelier or something. But it takes all I've got just to keep the shoes in the boxes actually on the shelf and clothes and scarves off the floor.
The one embarrassment of my home is my bathroom closet. It makes me cringe to open the door because its such a mess. I don't use it. I ignore it. I might even get the courage to take a picture and post it here for y'all to witness. I spent an entire day clearing out and organizing my pantry back in January and shockingly it needs to be done again.
It's kind of like my daily battle with dog hair.
Never ending.
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

May 20, 2010

Black Kitchen Design

Did y'all know I have black kitchen cabinets?

Apparently some others do as well.

It's funny because I'm usually drawn to kitchens with white cabinets while browsing the web or glossies but somehow I ended up with black lacquer and I love it. It's unexpected.

Like everything else in my house, the kitchen is a work in progress. I'd love to replace the counter tops with white Carrera marble to complete my look. I'm thinking it is going to be a while, a long while, before that happens. And then there is the flooring. Dark hardwoods to match the rest of the downstairs or white marble? Luckily this is not a decision I'll be faced with in the near future either.

What do y'all have?

May 19, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

Short Southern Mama is hosting a giveaway on her blog by EmersonMade
How gorgeous are these handmade flowers?

all images via EmersonMade
Go check out their website and then go enter on her cute blog!

You know y'all can find something fantastic you'd love to buy with your gift certificate!
And I forgot to mention that the super stylish and pretty model is also the owner and crafter behind these wonderful goodies. Beautiful and talented. Love her. Hate her. Love her.
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