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July 30, 2010

Baby Giraffe

Babies on the Brain?
Uh, yeah.
Baby, can we get a baby giraffe?
It's for BabyGirl not me, obviously.

July 29, 2010

Dear BabyGirl

The internet here at the hospital is shaky at best so we're not able to upload any of those pictures we've taken.
I'm having the best week of my life getting to know this BabyGirl and falling in love with my husband being a father.
They're both amazing!
The hospital is kicking us out tonight.
I am going to be getting more help than I could have dreamed of when we get home and I couldn't be more thankful and appreciative of that.
But there are no speakers or call nurse button on my bed at home.
Hope y'all are all having a fantastic week!!!

July 28, 2010


So what is it they say about making plans?
Yeah, that's about right!
So we had this nice little c-section planned for this morning (you're super impressed that I'm updating right now aren't' you?) so I wrote some posts this past weekend and set them to post automatically this week so that I could keep y'all entertained.
turns out they were crap.
But they were already set to post and I was in no shape to find a computer to stop them.
Yup, that's right, there was no leisurely packing, no baking cookies for the nurses (or my husband), no hand holding drive to the hospital talking about our last moments as a couple.
You see, BabyGirl decided that even though she was breech and we'd scheduled a c-section her momma still deserved an unplanned surprise attack of labor just like all the others moms.
Yes, that's right, apparently the full moon on Monday caused me to go into labor while my husband was about an hour or so away from home. Perfect.
My friend Jen drove me to the hospital and within an hour and half BabyGirl made her debut Monday night at 10:18 pm in an impromptu c-section. All is well and I'm doing great and she's absolutely gorgeous.
Of course, since this wasn't how we'd planned it and our bags weren't exactly packed and waiting by the door, there are some things we left at home. Including the usb cord to my computer. Matthew posted a few early pics on facebook and we'll be taking a bazillion more soon to post on here! We all had a very exhausting day yesterday but feeling really great today!
I'm sorry that you guys all got some false posts but I appreciate the well wishes!

Bags are packed...

And we're off...

with a suitcase full of Trish McEvoy, a chi straightener and Sex&theCity DVDs.

The essentials, really.

I also have much more than a suitcase full of anticipation to meet this BabyGirl I've been dreaming about for so long. It's hard to imagine that we'll be meeting this sweet girl so soon.

BabyGirl, even as you enter the world, you've already showing your momma and daddy that you want things done your way and not the way we have planned for you. And that's ok. We love you for it already and can't wait to see what other wonderful things you'll teach us.

And although we're not thrilled about our 6:30am tee time this morning, we're pretty happy that you're making such a scheduled entrance. You know you're momma likes things to be on time. And Daddy hates surprises so lets keep things simple today, okay?

Also, this should allow for a nice late afternoon family snooze today as well. After all, we're going to be a quiet family. And we like to sleep. A lot.

Not sure if you got that memo.

Baby, can you believe this is the very last trip, even if it is only a few miles, that we'll be making as just a couple?


The next time I get in the car I'll be a mother.

Part of a family of three.

Okay four, sorry SweetBoy.

I have absolutely no idea when I'll be able to post again because I'm not convinced our small town hospital even offers wireless Internet but I have some fun little filler posts all lined up to keep you occupied just in case. And of course some guests coming your way as well.

I love each of y'all so much and a want to say a big public thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement over the last few months. I can't wait to recover and get back to blogging (both reading and writing).
Loves & Kisses
Hugs & Misses

July 27, 2010

Busy Packing

Today I'm busy packing for the hospital.
Making lists and checking them twice to make sure I have everything I need.
Like plenty of pretty cardigans, sunglasses, scarf, cute shoes and an umbrella for the ride home.
A girl can never be too prepared.

I'm also making cookies. Chocolate chip to be exact. I plan on bribing the nurses with them in exchange for an unusually high dose of morphine with a nice sedative mixed in.
Shaken, not stirred.

I can't wait for y'all to meet some of the fun guests I've got lined up!
I'm going to try to keep up with the five posts a week I've been doing but no promises that they'll involve much more than pictures or anything particularly clever!
Thank you to all of my readers for all your sweet comments and words of wisdom. I know so many of you are already mothers and I can't wait to join your ranks. I even have my eye on a blog badge I've seen several of y'all with that I plan on adding to my sidebar soon.
Wish me luck!!!

July 26, 2010

Pink Bedroom

Great Blog
Great Room

I fell in love with this room while reading a new favorite blog find, Full House.

Once you read her story you'll

1. love her style and her blog


2. realize just how full her house really is compared to yours

You can read more about this awesome room she designed for her two twin girls here.


July 23, 2010

Pretty things

I'd like this chandelier
with this wallpaper
In my master bathroom

This is the LAST WEEKEND EVER Matthew and I have as just a couple.
What to do?
Sleep in, take a nap and go to bed early?
Cross a million things off our to-do list?
I'm hoping for a combination of both.
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

July 22, 2010

Pink & Green

Doggie beds!

Bowsers dog bed in Riviera Stripe

Tealeaf green dog bed

Well it only took SweetBoy three days to figure out that the pink and green couch that used to be in the kitchen is the very same couch now in his room, the den, hiding under a white blanket.
The dilemma is that he was allowed to sit (more like roll around and sprawl out) on the "kitchen" couch but hasn't been allowed to get on the "den" couch. Now that he's figured out its the same one, he's not having it with the new rule.
I think its time to get him his own cozy spot to help keep mine dog hair free.
My favorite is the first one, the Blueblood (you know its classy with that name) dog bed in Martha's Vineyard. I don't know if you can tell on your computer screen but it's actually green with pale pink on the sides.
Do y'all have any advice for keeping pets off of your furniture?
Especially pets that were previously spoiled only children and allowed to sit with you at one point.
Let me know if you have any other dog beds that you think are great.
And attractive of course.
I'm honestly not too concerned with it being chew proof because after our previous TWO experiences he'll NEVER be allowed access to this bed without direct supervision and its never going to be placed in his kennel. I just want something cozy for him to sit on and pretty for me to look at. I'm also open to the idea of making my own dog bed cover using outdoor fabrics if anyone knows how to do that.

July 21, 2010

Mary McDonald Part II

Commercial Projects
This first picture is my favorite! I'm in love with the grey walls and glossy white furniture and floors. And the light turquoise with a pop of citrus yellow is to die for.
I'm keeping that on file for my future bedroom makeover!
I want this to be the view from my back deck.
Chocolate brown and pink is always cozy!

Clearly a hotel room, no one's bedroom is this clutter free.
If this were my bedroom their would be a pile of clothes piled on that pretty chair.
I think her commercial spaces might be even more swoon-worthy than her residential design.
Have y'all found any inspiration for your own home at boutiques or hotels and restaurants?
Also, its t-minus one week exactly from D-Day when I get to meet that BabyGirl I've been making.


July 20, 2010

Mary McDonald Part I

I've had these first two images saved on my computer for some time and just now got around to investigating the designer, Mary McDonald.

I love her twist on classic and traditional.
She manages to make her rooms both timeless and fresh all at once.

What's not to love?

July 19, 2010

Lindsey Coral Harper

Where have you been all my life?

Oh right, interning for Ralph Lauren in London and SCAD in Lacoste France, only to return to NYC for the likes of Keith Langham and Dorothy Draper, Inc. oh and to start your own business.

Could her life or her rooms be any cooler?

I think not.

I adore the coral and teal color pallette

I've been dying to paint my dining room chairs either white or teal.
This is not helping.

Such a pretty bedroom. I wish I could peek out onto that Palm Beach balcony and check out the view. I'm sure its as outstanding as the interior.

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend and a bearable Monday.

I'm in the midst of cleanapoolza 2010. I spent all weekend cleaning and organizing and rearranging furniture. Its not nesting, my house was just dirty and needed some help. I also did a lot of decluttering and moving things from "looks great there" to "we'll use it more here". Function over design. Uggh. My sweet little sitting room in the kitchen is gone but we now have a couch and comfy chair in our den where we actually sit and hang out. The color scheme is all wrong of course. The den is Matthew's domain with light blue and khaki colors, not to mention a duck flying proudly on the wall. Isabella (my pink couch) and her pal (the pink & green club chair) look a little out of place in there. They were pretty discouraged when they overheard me mention something about keeping them in that room and having slip covers made to match. But new furniture for that room just isn't in the budget and we're tired of fighting to see who gets to sit in the lone chair while we watch tv. I guess since I'm pregnant I always won this battle and didn't see the predicament as quite so severe. I know it will be nice to have the couch and comfy chair to relax in after as I recooperate.


July 16, 2010


Fabulous, Katie.
I can't decide which I love more, her coat or her hair cut.

Don't worry, I know the curse of the preggo who wanted to cut her hair and I have NO plans for chopping off any locks any time soon. I've spent the last 12 months growing out my hair, literally, with no plans to go short in the near future.

I did have hair this short in college and I know I'll go there again one day. Especially since I now know a thing or two about strategically placed bronzer and am in possession of two different bobbi brown shimmer bricks. It does wonders for finding cheek bones. A must with short hair. Or any length hair for that matter. If you don't already use it RUN to your nearest counter and get you some. You can thank me later.

I'm a complete sucker for the ladies at the counter who upsell me the brush to go with the makeup I buy. They swear it perfects the application and I buy it. Their lines and the brushes.
Sadly, I have two of these face blender brushes, one full size and one travel size.
See, I told you.

You just apply the bronzer to the insides of your cheeks and blend up and down the sides of your face. Just don't use it on the apples of your cheeks like you usually hear to do.
Then swirl the face blender blush into your shimmer brick (I like the bronze for when I have on fake tanner and the pink one for when I don't) and gently dust it in a straight line along the top of your cheek bones. Do NOT use this stuff everywhere, only where you want it to catch the light.
The shimmer brick is pretty awesome on your collar bone as well to help you look like an emaciated 17 year old starlet.

July 15, 2010

Pink & Green Love

Have you seen this tag before?

It was started by Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, aka Miss Trish

You might recognize her fab scarf and oversized sunglasses
She recently became a follower so I thought the least I could do was play along with her fun little Pink & Green party.

Not sure how it works, I don't do tags or linkbacks or whatever, but I definitely do Pink & Green, so here goes...

Hope this house brightens your day!
Or at least your computer screen

images via House Beautiful

This house totally makes me want to paint all the furniture and walls in my house white and go decorate everything in bright green with pink accents.

I'm pretty sure Matthew would love that.

Actually, he'd probably say I'm well on my way to achieving it.

I know I've mentioned before that I'm not thrilled with my front hall and I think I just realized that painting it white is the cure! We now have less than two weeks before BabyGirl gets here so maybe I can convince him to paint it before her arrival. I know he's going to make me wait until we can add paneling which will be awhile. Like a long while. Or he might just suggest that I paint it myself. Which will be an even longer while.

A big thanks

to La Dolce Vita for giving me this sweet award!

Thanks girl, you're a Sugar Doll yourself!

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