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September 30, 2010

See ya Summer

I know summer is officially over but I couldn't resist just one more final farewell.  
I'm ready for fall and all its fun clothes and traditions and holidays.  This year will be especially fun with both SweetBoy and BabyGirl here with us.  I can't wait to sit in a rocking chair on our porch cozied up with a blanket sipping apple cider-my favorite!  Now that the season is here, I just need the cool weather to cooperate.  
What about y'all?  Are you sad that summer is donzo or are you super excited to welcome in the cool fall weather?

September 29, 2010

Pink Party

Happy Hump Day Friends!

September 28, 2010

Offended by Toms

I realize I've been out on maternity leave from the fashion loop but can someone please explain this to me.
I'm confused.

September 27, 2010


for all your thoughts and prayers and words of kindness for us and our sweet BabyGirl.
Her (Sagital suture spring assisted reconstruction) cranial surgery went perfectly and she's now back home recovering.
She didn't have any problems with anesthesia or morphine and was back to her alert and smiling self within twenty-four hours. 
She was laughing and cooing and the nurses and techs all fell in love with her.
I was so amazed by her resilience!
She was clearly the most posh baby on the floor in her little polka dot Maryjane's and she made the bandages on her head look like a precious white winter cap.
The girl has got some style!
Just because they were cutting into her head didn't mean she couldn't look fab!

There is a nasty little scar snaking it's way down the back of her head.
We can't bathe her for at least seven days (so we don't risk getting her incision wet) so her poor nappy scalp looks worse than it truly is.
Before we were discharged Prosthetics came down and fitted BabyGirl for her newest fashion must-have accessory for fall:  the helmet.
Pink, of course!  

September 24, 2010

Jeremiah 29:11

I've talked a lot about plans here lately and how I make them and then get discouraged when they don't turn out the way I'd hoped.  
Yet I keep making them again.
God makes the plans.  
Not me.  
When will I learn?
This morning we drove got to MUSC at 6:00 am and turned our beautiful baby girl over to the hands of someone else.
They accepted her with love.
We have faith that they have her best interest at heart and will use every tool they possess to keep her safe and healthy and free of pain.
At this point, we don't know if they can do this.
But they will try.
This is much the same as God did when he entrusted her to me and Matthew.
We are doing what we can as well.
The rest is up to her surgeons.
And God.
I have to admit, I love relinquishing the responsibility.  It helps me stay focused on what I can do, which is to stay calm and love my baby.

Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts and prayers and continued support for us!

September 23, 2010

Good taste

Dear BabyGirl,
I promise I will buy you this outfit when you are older and take you somewhere fabulous.

September 22, 2010

Life In Dawleywood

Hi everyone!  I hope y'all are all having a fabulous week and not working too hard. My name is Andrea from Life In Dawleywood. Julia had been very busy lately with her new sweet baby and needed a few guest bloggers to help her keep up with her blog during this amazing and busy time for her... so here I am!
I have a confession:  I am a decor-a-holic.  MAJORLY.  It's become a problem because I am running out of room to put all my crap each time I redecorate a room.  A little over a year ago, I talked E into adding on to the house just so I could have more rooms to decorate.  Ridiculous, I know... but I can't help myself!!

Hi. My name is Andrea... and I have a problem.

Of course I didn't tell E it was just because I wanted to decorate more rooms, that would have been silly and he would have said no.  I "fluffed" it up a bit and told him we would need more room when the little Dawley babies come (one of these days) and there's no time like the present.  Seize the moment, if you will.  Blah blah blah, whatever.   He went for it and that's all that matters.  He is so good to me =)

If you are bored with your current house, redecorating is also a great way to get a "new" feeling rather than buying or building an entire new house I'm going to show you a few things you can do to spruce up your look and make you fall in love all over again with your house.

1. Paint

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference paint can make to the overall look of a room.  When we moved in, our living room was yellow.  We always toured the house in the evening, so it was a nice dull yellow.  Well... I have HUGE windows in my living room and was taken back by the cheerio box color that creeped onto my walls in the sunlight.  It had to go, no discussion about it.  And so it went... to a nice neutral.  I always always always go with neutral colors on the wall of a large room.  Before you start calling me names like "boring", keep in mind that neutral doesn't have to mean beige.  It can be tan, white, yellow, green, blue, grey... whatever.. But there are always a few neutral colors in every color family that blend nicely with almost everything.

2. Wise Furniture Buys:

Furniture style and placement does matter when updating a room. You want to give a room plenty of seating without making it look cluttered.  Also, keep texture in mind.  Certain fabric can make a room feel more cozy and welcoming than others.  Shape also plays an important role.  For example, an oval table can break up the rectangular lines of a house and fill the space generously.  Don't be discouraged by a dining set that looks a little bland.  It's super easy to add color by adding removable cushions, pillows, or slipcovers

3. Accessories Matter

A room without accessories is like a woman in a beautiful dress without shoes or make-up.  It's incomplete.  Accessories give a room interest and tell guests about your tastes and interests.  If you collect lots of small things, try grouping them together on a tray or a table, rather than spreading them around the whole room.  If your collection is vast, you don't need to display it all at once.  Pack some away and change it with the seasons to stay away from the cluttered look.

Family pictures in pretty frames can be grouped together on a console table or a wall.  Many decorators find it's much to personal to put out family photos and believe they should be kept in the bedroom, but I think using family photos is great.  Anything that is personal makes a great accessory.

A patterned rug anchors the room and pulls together all of the colors


Elegant silk of taffeta panels introduce color into a room and make it warmer


Lamps set the mood for the room and can add color, texture, and interest

Throw Pillows make a room seem more welcoming

What are some of your tips for getting out of a decorating rut?


September 21, 2010

Urban Baby Style

Hey friends!  
Today we have Amanda, one of my most favorites, here to introduce you to Urban Baby Style.  Her sweet baby boy Shep just turned one this past June and he has been seen rockin some pretty modern styles all over Charleston since birth.  I love that my dear friend has such a unique style different from my own.  It keeps it fun!  Long before either one of thought about actually birthin' any babies we made a pact that we'd respect the other's style.  As in, you promise to only buy my baby monogrammed and smocked frocks and I promise not to.  We adore and respect each other's individual styles and extend that perspective to our babes.  Here's a fabulous look into her fresh style!

Urban Baby Meets the South?!?!

Infantus Urbanus:  Young mammal raised in city environment.  Infantus urbanus love nights at the opera, modern architecture, and fine cuisine;  difficult to spot at night due to thier penchant for black clothing.

Mt. Pleasant, SC is not quite a "city" environment so sometimes I forget where I am and wake up in all black despite the Lilly Pulitzer that surrounds me.  If you will, let's try to embrace for a moment all things black and modern.  Here are a few things I think are FAB and wanted to share with all my sweet southern belles.

Urban Babies Wear Black
Let's wheel the orbit out for a skinny vanilla latte play date and tour a museum.  I love the tongue-in-cheek facetious tone.  Thank you Michelle Sinclair Colman for reminding everyone you can raise your kids without a dreaded minivan

Dobutsu Baby Leggings and Shorts
They had me at cute baby butt!
Dobutsu baby leggings and shorts from Japan are ridiculously adorable!

Nano Collection
This collection is sophisticated in feel, simple in style and whimsically curious in attitude.  It borrows ideas from the adult world, yet is far more darling.
Nano Prairie Stripe Dress
Nano Hooded Black Dress

Sweet Shoes
This brand is calling all the incredibly too cool for school.
Edgy and Fun.

The infamous black onesies
Does this make my tutu look big?
I think not!

Skull & Cross Bones
Ahoy Matey
Who can resist a tiny diaper pirate?

Baby Gap knit skull one piece
Baby Gap printed bodysuit

Yes, even urban babies wear rompers!
Who said it had to look like your sister's?
Splendid Stripe Romper
At Home Baby Camo Romper
Cynthia Rowley Stripe Romper

Where can you find all that is adorable for a funky baby?
Here are a few of my favorite online sites:

Julia, thank you for allowing me to share some of my funky baby style on your sophisticated and stylish blog.  
I abosolutely adore you!  
As always, fabulously yours,


September 20, 2010

My whole heart

I found this over here and immediately right clicked to save it.  
To be honest, I have a hard time with bedroom art.  I'm not into decorating with family photos (only photos of Matthew and I are allowed in our master bedroom anyway) and any fine art or interesting things we aquire usually get featured downstairs where everyone can see it.  Maybe one day we'll have enough money to keep nice things on the walls both upstairs and downstairs.  For now, this could be a fun (and cheap) option.  It's really a wonderful quote and would be fairly easy to make myself.  
I also love that it's pretty straightforward and not too over-the-top mushy.
Could be fun in BabyGirl's room too.  I've put up and then taken down several things from her wall and currently I'm stumped as to the direction I want to go.
And what about those pillows?  
Talk about inspiration while you dream!
Anyone have any other luuuuveeee quotes you just adore?

September 18, 2010


I recently saw this on elements of style via la Dolce Vita

What wonderful advice.

My favorite line:
"Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them 
so go out and start creating"

What's your favorite line?
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