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January 26, 2011

4-5 month pictures

**Happy Half-Birthday BabyGirl**
I'm going to bore every single one of y'all if I go on like I want to about how this little baby has changed my life in the most amazing ways possible.
You fill up every inch of me
And make my heart so full it feels like it could burst
I feel like the grinch who's heart grew three sizes
since knowing you
So I'll just stop here and all you moms can just fill in the blanks before I get too carried away.
And on to other news...
Did y'all think I was going to let this little boy's big sister have all the fun?

 Baby Will has definitely made it to the "approved for dating list" we're mentally keeping for BabyGirl!
She has the cutest playmates
He's a marshmallow baby
squishy and creamy and full of sweetness
I could just eat him up



  1. wonderful pucs! lovely greetings

  2. Oh my goodness, what beautiful eyes! Gorgeous!!! Motherhood is amazing. I knew you'd love it. Do you read Time for Moms? Check it out - it's on my blog roll. Author lives in PI and is quite inspiring. Today's topic was whining which we have a defnite issue with at our house.

  3. Girl pictures are gorgeous, you did an amazing job, doesn't hurt that your little subject is pretty cute himself!

  4. How precious...and the most beautiful eyes!!

  5. What a doll! Just brought a big smile to my face!

    Following you now.
    Mary Ann

  6. Those pictures are SO cute!!! The blue eyes......


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