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January 20, 2011

BabySteals & KidSteals

So you know when you tell your friend about something awesome you want and then she goes and gets the last one and you've got that small teeny tiny itty not-so bitty twinge of  jealousy.  And even though you're so excited for her you have just a smidge of regret that you told her in the first place.
This is how it's going to be between you and me after today
When I log on while BabyGirl is napping only to find my utmost absolute over-priced must have item already SOLD OUT and then head over to your blogs to hear you rave about the sick deal you scored
But it's okay
because we're friends
*deep breath*
Have y'all heard about BabySteals and KidSteals yet?
You'll love me/hate me later for introducing you to this addictive little gem

Basically it's a close-out sale type of format where items are listed at 9am for up to 70% off until they sell out.
And it's not just a bunch of ugly crap no body else wanted.
Bella Tunno, Baby Legs, and Halo Swaddle Sacks just to name a few recent brands.

And here's the results of my latest child stalking afternoon
Y'all didn't think I was limited to going all mommarazzi on just BabyGirl did you?

 I swear there is something in the salty water here.
It makes pretty babies



  1. Never heard of that site and lucky for you I have a boy so I won't be scarfing up all the pretty girl stuff. Gorgeous pictures, I might need a session with you and my little man!

  2. Very cute! I will have to check this site out! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Your photography is so beautiful...I am awed by the images!


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