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January 23, 2011

Blog Resizing

So I've been working on resizing the main column of my blog in order to post larger pictures.  
I'm going back and tweaking some previous posts to see how this new layout looks.  
I'm not sure if blogger is publishing them all twice so I apologize if your reader is getting bogged down this morning with old stuff.
Just bare with me!
Also, if any of you smarty pants readers wants to fill me in on how to get my header re-centered with the new main column that would be really helpful!
And let me know if it's looking weird on your computer screens or phones.
I don't want it not showing up properly on your iPhones and Blackberry's



  1. It looks great! Will you email me and tell me how you got the pictures bigger? I have been trying to figure this out forever! My pictures always look so tiny! Hope you had a good weekend!


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