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January 7, 2011

Couch to 5k

I'm in desperate need of a Glam Girls' Night Out
You know the kind where you wear painfully high heels, talk to much, stay out too late and drink way too much champagne?

Unfortunately all I've got for tonight is a BYOB (bring your own baby) happy hour before a membership class at church.

The upside?
I'll be feeling extra rested for day one of my couch to 5k program.
Pretty impressed aren't you?
I'm taking my New Year's resolution and wrapping it up with the 30 before 30 list and getting my butt out of the computer chair and on the pavement for Goal numero uno.
Good, healthy, happy heart.
blah blah blah.
I just want my jeans to fit.
Scratch that, I want my ass to look hot in my jeans and my muffin top to cease and desist.
that is all
Have any of y'all started on your new year's resolutions? 
What about running?
Any advice for a newbie?
I haven't worked out in eons.  Not regularly since I lived in Charleston anyway.
I'll keep y'all posted on my progress (or lack there of) and pass along any tips I have.
Please feel free to do the same



  1. Girl, I am loving your blog, I tots feel we would be friends if we met. Just added you to my favorite reads on my blog page:)
    I am trying to run too and let me tell you I am not athletic nor a runner. I have been doing intervals. I run for 10 mins, 5 mins if I am feeling especially tired and then walk a few minutes. It burns alot of calories or so my treadmill says. Good luck!

  2. You can do it! My advice is take baby steps, don't try to do too much at once, you will get there! Good luck!!!!

  3. Good luck. I wish I could give you great advice, but alas I've never been much into exercise. Yikes, did I just admit that?!

  4. Breastfeeding or at least pumping will get rid of your muffin top!

  5. Thanks for the tip! I was definitely counting on breastfeeding to help me lose weight (not to mention save money plus help babygirl's health) but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I enlisted the help of two lactation consultants (one from the hospital and one from our peds office) along with herbal supplements. I also had my mom here to help around the clock so I was only required to eat, sleep and feed babygirl. We had great technique but my milk just never came in. I could only produce 2oz at best.

    I've been thrilled with how well she's doing with formula. I no longer feel any guilt that she was a bottle-baby!

    Thankfully I lost all my babyweight almost immediately so now I just have some pre-baby flab that I'm finally confronting!

  6. Listen here girl you look gorgeous!!!! I wish I could run, but I just suck at it! And how did I just realize you lived in Charleston!?!? You should totally join Natalie and I at playgroup one day!

  7. I just became a couch to 5K girl this past fall and what I quickly realized was that I had to do running with regular strength training to be able to run well, at a decent, but still slow pace, and not get hurt. Good luck!

  8. Caycee-sadly I meant I haven't worked out at all since I lived in Charleston-which was 3.5 years ago! My two favorites there are work-out-aholics and made me go to the gym and walk the bridge with them all the time. I have no one hear to keep me in line!

  9. Do you rally live in Pawleys Island?????? I love that place and we vacationed there for 20 years with our family!!! About the work out can do it! Lean into it.......good luck

  10. I hear ya! Last year I made a resolution to get running and didn't do it. So this year no resolutions, just taking one day at a time. Dragging 3 little ones with me. lol

  11. YAY! I am doing couch to 5K too!! :) Just finished week one! 5K is in Charlotte, NC in exactly 9 weeks so I am super nervous!! I am NOT a runner at all but super determined to do this!! Keep me posted on your progress and any tips!! I’ll send some your way too! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by Delightfully Chic and for following!! I adore your blog already!!

    Xoxo- Tiffany

  12. First off I LOVE the title of your blog! I grew up going to Pawley's as a kid. Some of my favorite childhood memories:) Second, I started C25K last week. I love it! I can already tell a difference between week 1 & 2. Now I just need to keep it up. Good luck!


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