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how many kids do you have?

January 18, 2011

She's almost six months old
and very very very tricky
She's tricking me into thinking I need another baby

Apparently this happens a lot
Because you think it will look like this
or this

or even this
(for the very very very brave)
In reality I'm thinking my life will look more like this

So maybe I should stick with this
Okay friends, let's take a poll!
How many babies do you plan to clothe, feed, shelter, and sponsor fraternity/sorority dues and spring breaks?

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  1. Hahaha. Def 2, very slight possibility of 3. And your babe is adorable!


  3. 2 is hopefully in our future!

  4. i love your blog! ive got 3 and am contemplating #4...am i crazy???

  5. Well I want three, if I can handle being pregnant 3 times. The hubs really only wants two, so I guess we will see! I def want Sterling to have a sibling though!

  6. So cute! We are planning on 2, we don't want to be outnumbered!

  7. Well, I had a boy first and then a girl! I often think, "Why mess with perfection?", but I can't seem to completely rule out #3. We'll see!!

  8. I want 4. Easy to say now since I don't actually have any children. Growing up in a family of 3 girls, I still think....the more the merrier.

  9. Have 3. Have them as close as possible or you will start to lose your nerve. It's hard at first but get through the diapers/crib stage all at once. Ask yourself, in 25 yrs, how many will you wish you had? If you have 2, you will wish you had more. If you have 3, you certainly won't want to give one back. I had 2 but miscarried #3 and was unable to have more. We may adopt. Best of luck to you.

  10. I say two, the hubs would love three, and considering he does bath and bedtime every night he may win :) It just scares me so much to try and juggle it with more than one ha!

    PS cant wait to get coffee Friday, so excited!!!!

    PPS and why are you not a follower of mine?!?!

  11. hmmm... 3 is the magic number for us. Meredith has already started picking out her car...YIKES! The older they get, the lighter my wallet gets!!

  12. Just found your blog and this post is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! :) I have a newly one-year-old baby boy {whom I adore} and I would love to have 3 or 4 kiddos!! Hubby is on board...he was actually ready for #2 when our little guy was 5 months old {what?!?!?}!
    xoxo, your newest follower!


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