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January 24, 2011


Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?
It was so freezing cold here but the sun was finally shining!
We got a few snow flurries on Saturday and I think I ate my weight in soup & salad at OG to warm back up
I shopped my way through Target to burn some of those calories
Pretty sure it didn't work
Then I came home and curled up on the couch with The White Queen.
I've been so obsessed with British Historical Fiction lately.
Any suggestions for what to try next?

Remember last week when I showed you my new favorite four year old in Pawleys Island? 

Well I thought I'd show you some more pictures of miss sassy-girl and her sweet baby brother.



  1. Great pictures and I love the new blog look! Going to attempt to work on mine today- thanks for the tips! If it makes you feel better I ate my weight in cheeseburgers this weekend. At least you ate soup:)

  2. I absolutely love OG's soup & salad! I made my mom put a bottle of their dressing in my Christmas stocking one year. :)

  3. These little ones are too cute for words!

  4. What adorable pictures!! I have read the other Boleyn Girl, but not your other suggestions, I'll have to check them out. Have you read The Help?

  5. The Help is awesome, I read it last fall!

  6. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    I ran across your blog via a link to someone else's. These two are beautiful children! And they happen to be my niece & nephew!


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