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January 27, 2011

Printable 2011 Calendar

Don't y'all just love some of the fantastic things other bloggers put out there to share?
I found this yesterday at one of my favorite blogs, Deliciously Organized and knew I just had to pass it along to y'all!

{I'd go to the original source to print them out so you'll get higher quality images}

I printed out the navy chevron pattern to go right next to my desk
I'm always looking at dates while I'm on the computer
I'm hanging the teal scripty one in my kitchen
Now here's some fabulousness for you
All of y'all mama's-to-be need to print one of these out ASAP.  
You'll want it later, trust me.
After your sweet little non-sleeping bundle of hungry joy arrives you can circle their Birthday on the calendar and frame it in their room.
I know
Now here's where I need your help
I didn't think of this clever little idea until recently and now 2010 calendars are scarce
if any of y'all sweet readers find something equally as fantastic as today's goodies in a 2010 version I will give you my next born child
from midnight to six-am
with a prompt morning return, of course


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