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January 25, 2011


I'm in need of a good spa day.
Full of relaxing quiet and US Weekly
SweetBoy woke me up almost every night last week with his barking and now BabyGirl is in a growth spurt. 
She's desperate to eat, even at 3am, and apathetic to naps.
I feel like I'm running on adrenaline and coffee.
Aren't we all though?


  1. I've never had one so I'm not sure if it's relaxing or not (doesn't really sound like it), but Living Social has a facial peel from Germain Dermatology (Mt. P) for $49 today. :)

  2. Charlotte has woken up at 3 am the past two nights, desparate for the pacifier she's dropped on the floor. She makes noises like the little girl from the Exorcist until I get up.
    I think giving that thing up might be harder than I thought!

  3. Girl you and me both. Lets leave the babes with the men and get our spa on!

  4. Take me with you! Hope you get some rest soon!! XOXO

  5. Ugh I remember those growth spurt days... then too shall pass.

  6. Hang in there girl!!!! A day at the Spa is what I am going to request for Valentines!!! Had so much fun meeting you!!! So wish you lived here, Nat and I were saying this girl is awesome we love her ;)

  7. Thank you thank you for the sweet comments on my worry blog the other day! If I lived in Pawleys year round I would take you to Frank's for cocktails! You should definitely treat yourself to the spa. I haven't had a prenatal massage yet and one of my friends just gave me one as a gift at my shower!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

  8. just stumbled on your blog. love it!


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