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January 13, 2011


I just found the most precious website to do some baby&child stalking!
Best part, they're hosting a fabulous giveaway for one of these lamb hats.
Boy or Girl, you choose.
***Okay, so I saw this giveaway on Julia's facebook status so I'm official disclosing that if I win I'll split the prize 50/50!***

I'd post more images of these edible children but I'm too busy searching her archives and procrastinating my run.


  1. Oh my! So adorable!! Love it!!! I will def be checking out this site! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. LOVE those!!! I saw your desperate need for a night out post too. Just you wait, I'm totally inviting you for cocktails when we are at Pawleys. We have rented the same house for 20 years (Insane) and it will be my first year with a baby!

  3. I am glad you stole it! Your post does it way more justice than mine! It's all so cute.


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