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February 25, 2011

Design Dump Day 4

It's supposed to be a gross rainy day today. 
Perfect for doing laundry and cleaning house

or maybe you could just keep filling up your own design files instead


  1. Ha Ha Ha , I did snag two more.

  2. Love them all. But, laughing over the green spool bed. That's the same bed as in our guest bedroom. It's maghoghany and was E's grandmother's bed when she was a little girl. She begged her parents to paint it green and it was green her whole childhood. It was later stripped back, but she would always talk about how much she had loved it green. Will send to Lyda for her bdday -- will definitely make her smile! Happy friday.

  3. Your blog = my newest obsession. Your photography = my newest inspiration. You are beyond talented! Love it.



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