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February 8, 2011

Goody Spin pins

 with goody spin pins
I've got really long hair and a six month old so needless to say my hair is always up.
I'm so over pony tails because somehow BabyGirl still manages to grab hold
It's like my hair is her own personal ohshit bar
so...bun it is!
My husband is so annoyed with the trail of pins I leave on every surface of our house
And I'm so annoyed with the ever falling bun
I'd seen the commercials for these little pins for a while but it wasn't until Megan from Pink to Green did a review recently that I decided to give them a try.
And did I mention I'm now obsessed

there are several tutorials on YouTube 
but seriously, it's the easiest thing you've ever used 

You seriously need to go get one


  1. I love a good bun, mine hair is in one right bow :) Will have to try these soon!

  2. That looks awesome...totally getting some today!

  3. I will def have to give this a try! I have my hair in a pony almost every day and I am getting sick of it!

  4. I seriously have been using mine everyday, they are addicting!!

  5. OB-SESSED with the spin pin. And I'm not gonna lie, Tori Spelling was raving about it in a magazine and that's why I bought it. But not why I love it. Geinus. And I wish we lived in the same city b/c it looks like we're on the same beginner sewing train!


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