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February 1, 2011

Katie Melua (just like heaven)

I'm not sure how some of y'all got those fancy iPod's playing on your blogs 
I finally figured out how to youtube
I've been so obsessed with this song for a while now and thought I'd share
The video is completely lame so just turn up the volume and disregard the other crap

for all my non-sorority-Robert Smith-loving followers!
this is for you!!!


  1. All the technical parts of blogging is so hard to figure out-I feel like Im always behind! Im a fellow SC girl-love Pawley's!

  2. I guess most sorority girls don't know who Robert Smith is...

  3. Yes, even sorority girls know The Cure! I had just never heard this cover until recently and I'm a HUGE fan of covers!!!

  4. Hey cutie pie! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Katie Melua version of this song, it is so dreamy!! Oh! And the iPod thingy is so easy! Just go to and you can create one there...all you have to do is add your song, select your 'skin' and then paste the code into your sidebar. Email me if you want me to walk through it with you. I love adding music to the bloggy blog :)
    By the way I have been dying to come by and tell you what a brilliant photographer I think you are. Seriously! I have so much to learn from you!
    Hugs and xxx :)

  5. There is nothing better than the Cure. Love your post on letting go and letting God. I have an extremely hard time doing that but my mom always says give it to God. Same thing...but I have to physically imagine myself wrapping up my worries and handing them off like the post man. I'm crazy. :)


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