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February 7, 2011

Ruffled Camera Strap Cover

I made this

Ruffled Camera Strap Cover

I used left over fabrics and modified several tutorials I found online to get the look right
It was so much easier than I ever imagined
{and free}
I've had a sewing machine for years now that I've pretty much been too afraid to use
One of my goals is to learn to sew and get over that fear
This was my first time sewing proper seams and the first time trying out a ruffle
I'm headed straight to Etsy to order some new fabric to make something else
After I finished the firs one I realized that I used exactly half of my scrap fabric
so I turned around and made a second one reversing the patterns

feel free to email to me for instructions
If I had known how well these were going to turn out I would have taken pictures at each step for y'all
I guess I'll just have to make a third one so I can post a step by step tutorial at some point


  1. I am so impressed! It is a struggle for me to sew a button on a shirt. Bravo, my dear!

  2. Is that your new camera!! Tell us all about it! Is that a Nikon D3X? I've been dreaming about owning one! I LOVE the camera strap!!

  3. You did so great, I love it! I have one to but I bought mine because my talent does not extent that far into sewing ;)

  4. I am impressed! I am also scared of sewing. I just look at my machine and it makes me feel inadequate. It turned out great!!

  5. Great job- I'm impressed! I wish I knew my way around a sewing machine!!

  6. Julia! Pat yourself on the back girl! Love it! Ditto with the sewing machine. Had mine for years and just took it out of the box for the FIRST TIME 3 Fridays ago! My girlfriend and I have stared sewing every Friday in my classroom after the kids leave for the day. We try a new project each week. So far, so good! It's a nice end to a crazy week in kindergarten.

  7. so great! i've been wanting a cute camera strap and haven't been able to find one. since i don't know how to sew, i think you should open a little shop with these goodies....hint hint!

  8. Well, Well, Well... is there anything you CAN'T do?


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