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scary dreamcatcher jewelry

February 9, 2011

Was Pocahontas a May Queen?
I think not
Seriously, who's trailer did they raid to get that dreamcatcher-turned-fashion accessory?
The boots are sweet though
I'd wear 'em

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  1. I would rock the hell out of those boots. I think Napoleon Dynamite would like his dream catcher back.

  2. Those boots are fabulous, and you are always cracking me up in the mornings ;)

  3. BabyGirl just popped another tooth. (Exactly2:37am when she woke up screaming if I had to guess) so I'm too sleep deprived/caffeinated for anything but mindless bitchy humor :)

  4. Hahaha! I dont know what I would do without your morning laughs! have a great one! Get some rest!

  5. If you find said trailer that houses dreamcatcher fashion accessories, please let me know. It would be FABULOUS for my Indian-themed Mardi Gras ball this weekend!

  6. The boots are the only good thing! OMG that is horrible :)

  7. those boots are awesome


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