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March 10, 2011

Living Room {details}

 I just want to say thanks again for all the awesome compliments y'all shared about my living room.
I got so many emails asking me a few of the same questions so I thought I'd share a little bit of that information with everyone.

1. Paint Color

SW6477 Tidewater

*it was called Sweet Water when I purchased it in 2009 according to the records at the S-W store and my paint bucket I found hiding in the garage but after trying to find a swatch online I realized that apparently they changed the name to Tidewater.

I know this depends entirely on your computer screen, but I think this color shows pretty close to true.
It's a more traditional and mature version of robin's egg blue. 
It's got green undertones but reads more blue on walls.
It's got just enough gray in it to make it seem sophisticated and understated and not, "wow, now that's a color on your wall".

2. Lowcountry Marsh Painting
by Julia Hickman
Okay, the artist is me.
That's my maiden name, and yes, I made that.
I used to be into painting before I got bit by the photography bug
It's mixed media and I used oils, acrylics, and molding paste to add texture

3. Slipper chairs
They're from Target and you can buy them here
I can't say enough good things about the print
They're not exactly my dream chairs because of their small size but the scale came second to the price when I purchased these.  My plan it to relocate them to my bedroom as soon as I find some larger wing-back chairs to re-upholster for the living room.

5.  Couch
purchased at my all-time favorite store in Pawleys Island

click here to read more about my living room renovation!



  1. First of all let me say that picture is beautiful. I can't believe you painted that. You are so talented, photography and painting!!! Thanks for sharing all these details. Your living room is truly gorgeous. Do you still paint at all? I will email you about lunch too:0 xoxo Enjoy your Thursday!

  2. Your living room is jaw dropping beautiful!! I wish you lived closer! I could use some good ideas for my living room!

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that painting EVEN more now that you told us you painted it! So much talent!!! Again, love your living room!!!

  4. I am still amazed at how beautiful it is! Thanks for all the info :)

  5. My kitchen is tidewater too!! I LOVE it! My SIL is an interior designer so I can't take credit for picking it out, but it's gorgeous. And PS...if you ever wanna make a duplicate of the lowcountry painting I would totally buy it:) Although I live in Columbia I am a lowcountry girl at hear and spend lots of time there! That painting is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. The painting is amazing, That's a lot of talent in one girl! I am racking my brain as to where I can use that gorgeous paint color.Thanks for sharing:)

  7. You paint too?? Unreal. Pure lovliness.

  8. Girl Love that painting, I still picking my jaw off the ground that you did that!!! Love a girl that is a jack of all trades!!! Excited about lunch Monday!!!

  9. Julia, this space is absolutely perfect. I am head over heels!!! I clicked back to the other post with the full feature of the living and pictures from every angle- the color combination is phenomenal!! I could be drooling just a little bit ;)

  10. Hi Julia,

    I come here from Erin's blog (House of Turquoise). Your living is stunning! Stunning!

    Love all the beautiful details and the paint is my newest obsession! It's chic and calming at the same time.
    Congratulations for doing such a beautiful job here!

    Have a blessed weekend!


    Luciane at

  11. Oh my gosh what a wonderful living room. I have a beach house in Pawleys and if I had known you were there, I would have had you decorate it for me. You have so much talent young lady. Continue to use it. Love, love the sofa.

  12. I just left Erin's to come over and am truly amazed. Your living room is so pulled together, the color palette, the art!! Gorgeous!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my fine art giveaway!

  13. I saw you on Erin' your room! Love the painting... I'm a south east girl and love to see pics. of our incredible surroundings in decor. I'm off to read more! ...-Ann

  14. So beautiful! Sigh...we used to live in the lowcountry up until three years ago and I miss it so much. Your paint colors, painting, and decor all just make me happy:) What is the ceiling color? I love the Tidewater with it. My bedroom is a similiar blue and I think I'll use that on the ceiling as well. Again, GORGEOUS!

  15. Simply Lovely. The mix of fabrics and textures is brillant and harmonious. Wonderful to look at and I am guessing even more pleasing to enjoy. Great job!

  16. I absolutely love your painting over the sofa...Do you still paint?


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