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April 30, 2011


I think the more common question bloggers get asked is how we balance our time and get everything done.
Well I know in my house, I'm on the computer during naptime instead of doing chores.
I'd rather play on the computer and drink coffee during the day and clean my house at night with a glass of wine after BabyGirl's gone to bed.
What about y'all?
What's your deal?
Oh, and I just joined pintrest and it's amaze for procrastination from anything.



  1. Well, I just started blogging recently, but have been reading blogs forever! I blog during naptime! I don't want to make any noise to wake my little boogers!

  2. Yep. I blog during nap time too. I'm dreading the day my 15 month old goes from 2 naps to 1.

  3. So excited your are on pininterest totally going to follow you!! They are about to launch an app too.


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