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April 26, 2011

Keeping it real

~keeping it real~

Yes, those are my white legs and yes, that's my child crawling on nasty concrete in just a t-shirt and diaper.
{I've never even let her wear a dress without bloomers before}
But desperate times call for desperate measures.
Let's just say things pretty much went downhill after my little post yesterday.
We broke down on the side of 95 somewhere in North Carolina and managed to spend over six hours at an abandoned BP-turned service station waiting to get it fixed.  Exit 102 in Micro.  The town name doesn't do it justice.  I think it was the only exit on all of I-95 with no gas stations or fast food.
They had no ac and the bathroom was out of order.
Poor BabyGirl lost her pants after her second poop and after several hours of strolling her around the parking lot and bouncing her in my arms I gave up and let her play.  I put a big blanket down with all of her toys and just laughed when she immediately crawled right off it onto the concrete.
What else could I do?
The workers were so sweet and sent the "office manager" (I use that term very very loosely) all the way to Raleigh to buy a part from the dealership for us because we were traveling with a baby.
So needless to say this is all I've got for you today and to be honest I might not have much for you tomorrow either.  
Lessons learned:  
1.Use self-tanner even when you think no one will see you.  You never know when your husband will snap a quick picture with his phone
2.Grab several outfits for your child before they lift your car on a jack
3. Always travel with snacks and bottled water



  1. Girl that sucks!! I am so sorry and to be sick on top of it! Reminds me of when I was 7 months pregnant and my car broke halfway between here and Charlotte and I was alone. Of course it broke down on the shadiest exit and Matt had just put his boat in the water. So it took him 3 hours to get me and I had to hang out all preggo in the gas station. If I had not been pregnant I would have been downing some 40's that they were selling there! Hope today is better! xoxo

  2. Oh that suxs!! I feel for ya! And you were not feeling well on top of it! Glad everything is better now!

  3. So sorry to hear your crappy news! That is one of my biggest nightmares! breaking down in the middle of nowhere ...not white legs!

  4. You ain't lying when you say you broke down in the smallest, most unihabited place in NC. I will vouch for you. I grew up like 20 minutes from there and I'm not sure you can even call Micro a town, I'm not sure what it is, ha. It's so small it's normally is abbreviated with another town... Micro/Pine Level... There is not much there. Bless your heart! Your car picked a bad mile marker to break down at...there are huge outlets right up the road. Too bad it wasn't closer to those... Hope your week gets better :-)

  5. Oh thats horrible! I think your legs look pretty rockin'

  6. oh jeez. you win the 'that sucked' award for the month, maybe the least ur rockin some pretty darn cute TB flips though....and have cute legs and a cute baby...Thats all I got for ya. Oh, and I added you to my blogroll bc I like the way you roll....ya' know, baby on the concrete kinda girl and all....xoxo

  7. Oh girl, this made me laugh and laugh, I'm sorry. What a pisser. First let me say, I think you legs look hotter than all get out - I'd happily post that photo. I love white skin too, just looks healthy to me. And we've ALL let our babies do gross stuff under stressful circumstances :)


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