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May 25, 2011

The Fan part 1

Here's a quick sneak peek while BabyGirl is napping!
One of my favorite things about our new neighborhood is that you can walk for miles and stare at all the pretty historic houses and gardens.  I've seriously been a peeping tom looking over people's fences on our nightly walks but I haven't had the balls to actually paparazzi them too.
Don't worry, I will soon!
All of the houses have primarily the same few floor plans and front-scapes scattered about so you don't have to look far to see your own house looking either better or worse to use as inspiration!
Sadly, this time of year is horrible for taking pictures of the houses because despite it's city feel, everything is covered in lush trees and bushes.

 In fact, just a few houses down from ours is the exact same home with a fantastic yellow front door and trimmed trees.  
It's my new inspiration!
A long term plan might eliminate the porch all together in favor of just a patio as the adjoining house has done.
Our house is below and you can see through the trees and bushes that it's the same as above
our new house is just three blocks from the museum district
 The Virginia Museum
 The Virginia Historical Society

We're surrounded by fabulous restaurants and shops literally around the corner from us

A real starbucks, ahh how I've missed you!



  1. Such a cute and charming neighborhood! I hope you really enjoy it! Can't wait to see what you do with this home!


  2. NICE! I love neighborhoods like that! To bad I live in a Subdivision .... BOO!

  3. It is a charming neighborhood! How wonderful to be able to walk to a restaurant right from your home. Those shops look cute!

  4. Oh, I just love Richmond! Welcome to Virginia! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your new home!

  5. Oooh love the new place, very cool!!

  6. I love your new home! Reminds me of Georgetown. How fun to be in walking distance of so many great little spots.

  7. Love the new house or rather new/old house! Nothing better than living historic in my book. I love it because all your neighbors will be into it too. You will all have a shared interest - keeping your houses beautiful. The neighborhood looks great.

  8. Welcome to Virginia, Julia!!! So excited for you! Richmond is a great place with wonderful little surprises around every corner! Can't wait to read more about your new life here! Yay!!


  9. Cute neighborhood!!! Welcome to VA!!!! :)

  10. So Jealous, when can I come visit?

  11. Ah, Buddy's! I spent a lot of evenings there when I lived in the Fan (corner of Grove & Boulevard). Lots of stuff I don't miss about that area now that I'm out in the Chesterfield 'burbs, but it's a fun place to explore -- as long as you don't need a parking space!

  12. What an adorable house and neighborhood!! It is always awesome when you can walk to restuarants and museums esepcially with a baby! So happy for you!

  13. ok, so now i am DYING for some 8 1/2 take out....hope you are settling in nicely!

  14. Oh I loved living in Richmond during my VCU days! The Fan and Monument avenue have so many beautiful houses! I used to frequent that Starbucks too! Enjoy your new neighborhood! It's a great place to live. :)

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  16. You have a gorgeous neighborhood! I would move to your place in a heartbeat just to see those beautiful houses! The first one looks fabulous! I do love how the owner decided to paint the front door yellow. It definitely makes the house a standout! [Danielle Bailey]


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