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May 2, 2011

painted blue dresser

I fell in love with this distressed blue dresser from Pottery Barn Teen when it first hit the catalogue last year and new the look would be perfect in my master bedroom.
I have two entire bedroom suits of Queen Anne furniture that's just not my style and are prime for reporpusing. 
I already painted the long dresser white for BabyGirl's Nursery and was thrilled with the result so I thought the tall dresser deserved a makeover too
Here's the gist of what I did

Step 1
move dresser outside and take drawers out

Step 2
lightly sand using an electric sander. 
The more you sand the better, but I just did it lightly to get all the shellac finish and wax off because I'm not that strong and my arms started hurting before I got off the dark stain
dust off

Step 3
paint the entire thing using a pretty medium thick coat
Not exactly dry brushed but not globbed on either

Step 4
drink a glass of wine while it's drying
You'll find you actually have time for more than one glass but I wouldn't suggest it as it may interfere with the next several steps

Step 5
take a piece of sand paper and with a very light hand rough up your paint job a bit
It's especially nice to remove all the paint in the corners or crevices
dust off

Step 6
Go ahead and pour another glass to enjoy during the next step

Step 7
Using a lint free white cloth (you can buy them at Home Depot or Lowe's in the painting section) dip into a can of briwax in dark walnut
Working in one section at a time, wipe the corners and crevices with wax
then wipe the rest of your section following with the grain of the wood
take a second rag and wipe away any excess.
Continue with this method until you've finished the entire piece
I find it easiest to work from the top down and to do each of the drawers while they're still free standing

Step 8
Finish that bottle of wine while it's drying
I actually forgot to upload the before pictures of the dresser and nightstand I painted so I just substituted pictures of the combo that I haven't painted yet to give you the idea


  1. Incredible job!! I just don't know if I have the patience or talent for major furniture refinishing. Great job. I love step 8, by the way... THAT is the only way I could do a project like this : )

  2. Wow! I am so impressed!! Looks amazing!

  3. Looks great; I love the color- fantastic job!! ps I love step #4!

  4. These look amazing! You may have just given me the nudge I needed to paint mine. Love your advice too. I'm sure that a glass or three of wine would help with any commitment issues that arise.


  5. well color me jealous. i kind of hate you. come do some of that to some crap at MY HOUSE. Ugh. I have no patience. It looks so frieakin good! oh, and bring wine. I'll drink and pour for you while you strip. Wait, that came out weird. Ugh, back to the wine. lol. xoxo shel

  6. GORGEOUS!!! What color blue is that?

  7. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    Love the way it looks. I have a set that I have to get painted for our master bedroom. What color blue did you use?


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