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Farmer's Market

May 14, 2011

BabyGirl had a spend the night party at her MoMo & Grey's house for the second time this week.  Definitely a perk of living near my parents!  We're headed out now to go pick her up and go down to the Forest Hill Farmer's Market.  
My dad and his buddy play guitar there every Saturday and we're so excited to start up the tradition!  
Matthew and I plan to do some grocery shopping so we can make a few locally grown organic meals for this week.  
{I'm guessing I'll need to throw a can of spaghetti-o's or a diGiorno into the mix to balance that out}
I'll be sure to post if we come up with anything yummy!
Here's what I plan to wear so any of y'all Richmonder's can spot me!

J Crew striped top
$62 - jcrew.com

J Crew linen top
$37 - jcrew.com

J crew short
$33 - jcrew.com

Banana republic handbag
$120 - bananarepublic.gap.com

Knot jewelry
$32 - simplysoles.com

Tory Burch metal shade
$175 - saksfifthavenue.com

Modstrom shawls scarve
30 EUR - welikefashion.com

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