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May 27, 2011

Spanx one piece

Pretty pumped about this little find last week.
I'll be sporting it tomorrow for BabyGirl's debut in the baby pool.
 girl, go getcha one here

Speaking of BabyGirl, she'll be rocking this sweet two-piece
pink ric rac, pink whales, smocking and polka dots
I seriously die
*As for the whereabouts of BabyGirl's swimsuit, her MoMo purchased it on pre-order back in February from one of those addicting facebook boutiques


  1. Baby girl's little suit is adorable! Navy and pink....a great combination! You'll be looking quite stylish in your new black suit. I love it! Have a happy holiday weekend.

  2. So stinkin' cute! There is nothing more adorable than a darling little baby belly in a bathing suit! LOVE! Enjoy your weekend, lookin' hott in your new suit! *insert wolf whistle here* (c:

  3. you had me at spanx. oh, and k has that suit in pink and green. hats off to momo- great taste =) xoxo shel


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