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June 10, 2011

All things Bright & Beautiful

must surely begin in this corner

And speaking I'm guest posting for Aubrey over at {All Things Bright & Beautiful}

You don't want to miss!
And in real life I'll be poolside pretending it's the beach


  1. i love those paintings with that ivory bamboo dresser so much that i sort of wish all of the other pieces (linens) were white washed, too, you know? (maybe not the rug...)

    i think it would just make the focus a little cleaner?

    do you happen to know who those paintings are by?

  2. I love this room! The art work is fantastic, beautiful chandelier and the pop of tangerine in that throw.... Great colors! I'd also like to know who the art work is done by. Hopping over to read your guest post.

  3. Thanks so much for guesting, my dear, it was such an awesome post! Everyone loved all the good ideas for the home...Hope it didn't stress you out too bad, I sure enjoyed it! (c:

  4. Very nice creativity! All things are bright and beautiful especially that paintings. Thanks for sharing such good post.
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