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June 3, 2011

baby momma

Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas...

Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas

Yeah, go like this

I found this cute little idea here and I thought I'd share.
This would be cute to make for yourself but it would be ridonculously sweet to make it for your friend as a shower gift. 
I know my friends typically do a joint gift from the hostess and buy something big like the stroller or car seat, but this is a fun alternative.
You can buy a cute bag and fill it with all of the items listed.
This would also be a perfect group gift for a second (or third) baby where momma obviously already has all the necessities and probably isn't having a traditional shower anyway.
This packed up and delivered during a nice girls spa day or brunch sounds muy bueno to me!
click here for the printable pdf
What were some of your hospital must-haves?
{I had a c-section so mine might be a little different}
nursing supplies including pads & My Breast Friend (hospital provided cream and everything else you could possibly need for nursing)
cute bathrobe, both floor length and a short one 
makeup and toiletries 
(I'd suggest applying a nice fake tanner before you head to the hospital because you can't imagine how pale and sickly you will feel so at least you don't have to look it)
hair spray and bobby pins (to help your greasy hair look more polished)
pillow with two extra pillow cases
(you'll be a sweater, I promise)
laptop (it will be an iPad for the next one)
phone charger
nightgowns with easy nursing access
(I just wore cotton nighties because I thought the nursing gowns were ugly) and whipped my boob out.
going home outfit (maternity dress or leggings are best)
extra pillow and blanket for your husband

going home outfit for baby that can snap into a carseat
(I suggest the kissykissy convertible gowns for this)
I brought a ton of outfits for BabyGirl for the hospital but she wore nothing but the kimono style undershirts the nursery provided.
They'll be swaddled the whole time anyway
The hospital provides everything else; diapers, wipes, cream, paci's etc. so leave the diaper bag at home ladies.  You really don't need it.



  1. Thanks for the reminders.I need them!

  2. This is cute! These checklist helped me!

  3. This is great, I am totally doing this sometime!

  4. Great idea! So cute and easy!

  5. LOVE that you posted this along with what you recommend! With less than 5 weeks before baby is due to arrive, I need all the help I can get! I will def be printing this out!

  6. FYI. we are bloggy soulmates. I brought K home in a kissy kissy convertable gown- I'll email you a pic and loved them so darn much I got on the phone and ordered one in every girl print they had at attadag kids in CA, they have the largest selection EVAH. xoxo shel

  7. I just emailed you the pic!

  8. Aaaaaaaand here is the BEST WEBSITE FOR KISSY KISSY.
    xoxo shel

  9. oh and here's a coupon code for 10%off- adk244
    GO GET YOU SOME PREGGOS! xoxo shel

  10. Thanks for the tips! With my due date a week and a half away, it's the little things to remember I start feeling overwhelmed with.


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