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backyard play-set

June 13, 2011

could this be any more clever?
I think not

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  1. Wow!!! Fancy!!! Love it! I just remember having a swing as a kid!! :)

  2. omg, just saw this on Pinterest last night.....Awesome!

  3. That is amaze. If only my hubby were handy I would have him build that. Oh well that's what dads are for right! I have got to get cracking on pinterest!!

  4. Hmmmm... image I hope my kids never see... That's amazing! how fun! Happy monday...-Ann

  5. I love love love this! So clever. And who doesn't want to slide into the sand box?? Only thing that would be better is if it was a pool! ; )

  6. Wow! How fun does that look?! I want to show this pic to my husband - I think it would keep my boys busy for more than 5 minutes - ha. BTW - I am your newest follower =)


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