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June 14, 2011

DIY advice

FYI:  When sending your husband to buy paint at Lowe's make sure you use color numbers if you're trying to save $10 and doing a Sherwin Williams match-up with Olympic paint.
Tidewater is not the same as Tidewater Blue
tidewater blue
Lesson learned
Perhaps they'd like a certain blogger to help them expand their repertoire of color names so this kind of confusion doesn't happen again.  


  1. Totally something my husband would do, that is why I am usually the one that heads to Lowes for what we need! Will we get to see some pics inside your new place?

  2. can't blame my husband for this one. The words "tidewater blue" specifically came out of my mouth! UGGH! Yes, we'll be sharing a *few* reveal pics this week. One of them revolving said tidewater!

  3. bahaha! they try, so we gotta give them that, right?! Bless it. Hurry up with pics of the new digs!!


  4. Very cute story. Maybe there's be a use for that Tidewater Blue some other time.

  5. this would totally happen to me too. The other tidewater could look nice on a piece of furniture...

  6. I can't wait to see what you're painting. Tidewater is a gorgeous color!


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