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Living room {BDG Style}

June 2, 2011

HOLY CRAP-BALLS this living room is amazing!
It's designed by Alison Royer of BDG Style and I have a serious design crush on this lady!
Y'all know I'm impatient so I'll go ahead and tease you a gorgeous shot of the after first just so you can really spill your coffee while you scroll through the before images
Ladies got talent


{photos by uber-talented Ashlee Raubach}

WTF, is this seriously the same room?
Alison, are you playing games with my emotions?
I swoon!

And this talented lady does e-design so you don't have to live in the OC to get her help with gorg-i-fying your space

PS-This is the designer behind this reader's favorite living room!

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  1. Amazeballs!!!!! Love it all! The fireplace glass screen, new mantle, the rug.... <3 the photos are beyond, go Ashlee!

  2. Really good makeover! I love the jute rug it really puts texture on the cold tile!

  3. Love love love!!!! Wow!!!! Cant believe that was even the same room! love everything about the room! And the hanging light, (the glass dome) is almost exactly like the light in my good living room. So I feel special! :) lol

  4. I love that you started this post off with some potty mouth to rub it in to Anonymous. That room is so refreshing!

  5. Holy Crapness! Now I'm crushing on this designer too! :)

  6. Thanks for such a nice post and all the nice comments! Julia, you are hilarious!!!! :)

  7. Am I in the right house? What a transformation!

  8. I've just discovered her insane fabulousness as well and I'm equally as "just got slapped with a golf club" stunned with her (c: Honestly, this is the first time I've come up against a situation where Amazeballs doesn't quite cover it...what am I freakin' going to do???

  9. OH MY WORD. I love this room. It's so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. The use of light green with thick molding is amazing.

  10. You're right - it IS perfection! Must take note of it. :)

    P.S. Sorry about the beach... if it makes you feel any better, I was jealous when you lived there. But look at the bright side too - your new house is gorgeous! :)

  11. This room is fab-u-lous. Everything in it is simply amazing. And don't even get me started on the lighting.


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