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June 1, 2011

Madeline Weinrib Pillows

with Madeline Weinrib pillows

I'm also a bit obsessed with this saffron luce ikat clutch I spied on the website
I also may be having a slight love affair with these two 

and spice

I could seriously just go ahead and put everything this lady created in this post but it would run on for ever.  
But here is one last "action shot" just for my girl Natalie

a pair of painted louis chairs covered in madeline weinrib purple ikat


  1. I am so glad you introduced me to her and her lovely products because now I am obsessed too! Gorgeous and you know I love me an ikat print!

  2. i want all of it. My husband will have none of it. That pretty much sums it up. xoox I WANT THAT CLUTCH- sorry had to get that out.

  3. kind of obsessed too! hard not to be! I love the clutch and green pillow. I could find a place for those chairs too. Love your blog!


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