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June 29, 2011

one of those days

words of wisdom

We had a storm that knocked out the power last night.
Right before I fixed supper.
uh huh.
BabyGirl was pretty impressed with all the candles everywhere.
They're her new favorite
uh huh
and no AC or TV at bedtime was even more awesome
But not quite as awesome as being awoken from a deep sleep at 3:45am when the power turned back on.  Thankfully we'd left all the lights on so we could see clearly at such  fine hour.
Today is already awesome.
Did I tell y'all I got a note that read something to the extent of "hope you don't mind if I tell you that you suck at parking, let's try to do better next time.  mmmkay, thanks" note on my windshield the other day.
Blah blah blah
I'm parallel parking here biotches and doing just fine.
Allegedly I didn't pull up enough to the corner for one of my neighbors liking.
Three cars could still fit in front of three houses like always.
It so did not warrant a note.
I miss my driveway.
 I'm thinking of printing these up to help pay it forward.
and these too while we're at it.
I'm in a new town meeting lots of new people so this could come in handy
***disclaimer, if I've already met you and you didn't get one of these cards consider yourself lucky.  You or your cute child passed the cut***


  1. Dying laughing!! You have to laugh at days like that and what a dick neighbor for putting that on your car. You should totally roll their house. Those cards are priceless!

  2. sounds like mamma needs a cocktail! im sure your parking skills are just great thanks to SGHS! I'm just a few blocks on grove if you need some wine soon:) xoxo

  3. Oh that crumby sorry! I cant imagine anyone being rude to you, your so sweet! That last card I totally need :)

  4. aaaaaaand I just spit my coffee all over my laptop. oh, and its allllllllll your fault. you are my soulmate. here's to naptime today! i'm so glass half full aren't i? xoxo shel

  5. you should sell those cards on would make a fortune.
    Some one who leaves an anonymous note is sick, rude, mannerless and more

  6. hahah...This made me laugh out loud...
    Actually...your second calling card should read:
    "Thank You"
    Now I know it's not worth getting to know you any further...

    The nerve of people...they should "get a life"

  7. OMG! Those cards are ridonculously funny!!! Just read your entire post out loud to my sister across the room! Cracked me up! Sorry your neighbor sucks!!!

  8. Hahahahahahahhahahaha. Love this post.

  9. Oh my goodness. This is too much!! Please leave your neighbor one of those notes. It's needed.

    Hope you have a better night sleep tonight, friend! (:

  10. Just love the lady in the red dress. I can honestly say that I need that picture today. Thanks. Hope tomorrow is brighter. Love the cards.


  11. I got a good chuckle reading your post! I am sorry you had such a bad day! That certainly was not at all neighborly of your cranky neighbor to leave that note. Very unkind. I wish for you a much better day tomorrow!

  12. Gosh, when did we get so rude in this country? And when did we decide that being rude back was going to make it better? And when did we decide that using vulgar words was the right way to persuade others to our way of thinking? And what are we teaching our children so that they can grow up to be just as rude and entitled as we are? How much further can we sink in our manners as human beings?

  13. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Softly, Pal, Softly. xoxo


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